Gangnam-Gu Office Removed All Roy Kim Affiliations From Roy Kim Forest

They’ve taken down signs.

The Gangnam-gu Office has removed all signs relating to Roy Kim at the Dalteogeunrin Park in light of his recent scandal.

The office removed all signs that are affiliated with Roy Kim at the ‘Roy Kim Forest’ within the Dalteogeunrin Park in Gaepo-dong, Seoul on the 17th. In a situation where public opinion about Roy Kim is getting worse, we judged that it would not be right to keep the signs as it is.

ㅡ Representative of Gangnam-gu Office


The Gangnam-gu Office announced that the signs were taken down according to their own judgment, without any negotiation with fans.


The “Roy Kim Forest” was created after Roy Kim won the audition program Super Star K in 2013 when he launched his 1st album Love Love Love. Fans voluntarily participated in the planting of trees and Roy Kim constructed a pavilion within the forest.

The “Roy Kim Forest” is located inside the Dalteogeunrin Park, which is owned by Seoul Metropolitan City and managed by Gangnam-gu Office.


Inside the “Roy Kim Forest”, there was a sign that read “Singer Roy Kim’s Forest” on the pavilion along with a red mailbox. This sign has has been taken down by the Gangnam-gu Office.


Some signs which were set up by social enterprises or fans still remain as the Gangnam-gu Office requires their consent before taking them down.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that locals were growing uncomfortable with the “Roy Kim Forest” in light of his recent allegations and believed that the name should be changed.

Source: Herald Economy
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