Roy Kim Reported To The Police To Participate In Investigations

He made a short statement.

Roy Kim, who was booked on suspicions of distributing hidden camera videos, has reported to the police to participate in investigations.

At 2:40 pm (KST) on April 10, Roy Kim arrived at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as a suspect. Before entering the office, he made a short statement in front of reporters.

First of all, I’d like to sincerely apologize to fans who have supported me, to my family and to the people of Korea for causing concern. I will faithfully comply with the investigations.

ㅡ Roy Kim


After completing his statement, reporters threw out various questions such as “Did you film the illegal videos yourself?” “Did you know that distributing the videos is illegal?” “It’s been reported that nicknames were used for drugs in the chatrooms. Is this true?” and “Do you plan to comply with drug test requests?”

One reporter even said, “Mr. Kim Sang Woo, stop irresponsibly avoiding questions and please make a comment,” but Roy Kim remained silent.


Meanwhile, Roy Kim secretly arrived in Korea at 4:20 am on April 9. Photos submitted by an anonymous source showed Roy Kim on the Incheon-bound plane from New York.

Source: TV Daily

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