Roy Kim Spotted On Incheon-Bound Airplane Seated In Business Class

He completely covered himself up.

Roy Kim, who “secretly” arrived in Korea to avoid confronting reporters, has been caught on camera in the plane towards Incheon, South Korea.

On April 9, My Daily received a photo of Roy Kim, who inconspicuously arrived in Korea through the Incheon International Airport at 4:20 am. In the photo, Roy Kim hid himself with a mask, a hat and his hoodie.


According to the anonymous source who reported the photo, Roy Kim used a business class seat on the KE086 flight of Korean Airlines that left from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to Incheon International Airport. Roy Kim, who was studying in Washing D.C., had transferred to New York before heading to Korea.

The source claimed that Roy Kim sat in a window seat and sat quietly throughout the flight with his mask on. It seems that he was being conscious of the people around him.


Roy Kim was originally scheduled to arrive on the afternoon of April 9 but had a change of plans, most likely due to the chaos it would create at the airport.