Roy Kim Could Get Expelled From His University Despite Stellar Grades

He was expecting to graduate next month.

Roy Kim, who was expecting to graduate from university next month, is waiting to be investigated as a suspect for his involvement in Jung Joon Young‘s group chatroom.

On April 4, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced that Roy Kim will be summoned for investigation regarding the distribution of illegally filmed hidden camera videos.

Roy Kim has been booked on suspicions of distributing sexually explicit hidden camera videos and his status has been changed to a suspect. We have been notified that he will return to Korea as soon as possible for the investigations.

— Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency


Roy Kim is currently enrolled in Georgetown University in Washington D.C., which clearly states on their official website that acts of sexual misconduct could lead to disciplinary suspension or even dismissal.


According to the school schedule, Roy Kim was expected to complete his finals in mid-April and graduate in mid-May. Due to the police investigations that he is expected to participate in, however, hindrances to his graduation is most likely to occur.


In light of the situation, Roy Kim’s previous appearance on Problematic Men has been resurfacing where he revealed his high school and university grades. In high school, his lowest grade was a B+ with the majority being A- and above.


His university grades were very much similar to his high school report card with the majority being As.


Meanwhile, Roy Kim’s name has been removed from his father’s profile on Korean search engines since his involvement in Jung Joon Young’s group chatroom was reported.

Source: Dispatch
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