Roy Kim’s Name Removed From His Father’s Profile, Vice Versa

Only his daughter is listed under the family section.

It appears that Roy Kim‘s name has been removed from his father’s profile on Naver and vice versa.

As of April 4, Roy Kim’s father no longer has Roy Kim’s name listed under the family relation section of his Naver profile. His daughter’s name remains on the list.


Roy Kim’s father’s name is also no longer listed on Roy Kim’s profile either.


Roy Kim, who is currently studying in the United States, is preparing to return to Korea to participate in police investigations regarding the filming and distribution of illegal sex videos in connection with Jung Joon Young‘s group chatroom. However, he is being summoned as a witness and not a suspect.

Moreover, while he will be punished if it turns out that he participated in the filming and distribution of illegal videos, if he had only seen the videos, he will be able to avoid legal punishment. As a result, the removal of Roy Kim’s name from his father’s profile is becoming a topic of curiosity.


Since his debut, Roy Kim was known to be “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” because his father was a college professor and chairman of the Seoul Takju Manufacturers Association, which is famous for its Jang Soo Makgeolli. Seoul Takju’s annual sales through Jang Soo Makgeolli adds up to approximately 100B KRW ($88M USD).

In 2014, Roy Kim’s father stepped down from the position of chairman and passed down all of his share to Roy Kim. According to reports, Roy Kim is not a business owner but one of the 51 shareholders who holds an approximate 2% share of the company.


Meanwhile, netizens have revealed that Roy Kim’s father made an apology in front of his students in class and claimed that everything was his fault.

Source: Tenasia

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