Roy Kim’s Father Apologizes For His Son’s Actions, Says Everything Is His Fault

He says it is all his fault.

Netizens have revealed Roy Kim‘s father Kim Hong Taek took the time during one of his classes to apologize to his students about his son’s scandal, and claimed that everything was his fault.

Kim Hong Taek is a construction and engineering professor at Hongik University and also was formerly a senior executive at Seoul Takju Company, a distillery that produces makgeolli. Students who attended his class recently posted that he spent some time talking about his son’s scandal.

In the end, Roy Kim’s father apologized during class. What mistake did his father make? He said that it was all his fault. He said he was thinking about cancelling class, but he is retiring next year so no matter how much he thought about it, it was right to hold the class. He apologized to the students.

— Student in Kim Hong Taek’s class

Back in 2016, Roy Kim revealed that his parents told him not to get close with Jung Joon Young, but he ignored them and the two became best friends. Currently he is arranging his schedule to return to Korea as soon as possible to participate in investigations.

Source: Star News

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