[★BREAKING] Royal Pirates James shows photo of his arm after horrific accident

K-Pop Idol James revealed a photo of his near-amputated arm after his horrific accident in 2015.

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Im so pissed man. This is only part of what i went through. Rotting flesh before my eyes. Before my mom’s eyes. Hiding from my friends and fans because i dont want to bring anyone down.

I quit my band. I left my company. I left the seeds i had sown. And every day i am trying to be positive. To start over. But i am so pissed. Crushed bones and hundreds of hours of rehab and now every day i have to fight.

I hate you so much. I have to fight every single fucking day. My hand was chopped off and i try to find alternatives. now im a fucking shell of myself. Everyday i hear a new fucking crack or pop and feel a new twist or sprain or tear and your restaurant is fine and dandy.

I passed you guys this trip to korea even though i didnt want to step anywhere near you but i still see you often in my nightmares. You guys were packed with customers. Do they know your ethics or what they would have to go through if they were crushed in your place?

I rewatched the cctv yesterday. I dont even remember who i used to be. All i can say is how dare you. How dare you ruin my life and come at me with this garbage about facts and figures.

How dare you. If it was your son. Your family. What would you do?

— James

James’ arm was nearly severed in June 2015, when a restaurant door crashed down on his wrist. He lost consciousness and doctors performed surgery for 8 hours in an attempt to save his arm and reconnect his wrist.

His nerves were severed at the time and doctors gave him the option to amputate his arm, but he refused. He received blood transfusions to help his artery heal. 

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“I went to have dinner at a restaurant in Seoul with a friend. I opened the door and looked around for my friend, who had arrived before me. Then [suddenly], the steel frame and glass wall crashed down on top of me. The glass wall fell on my head and the frame crushed my left shoulder and wrist.”

— James

James also revealed that his arm rotted away after the accident, causing him to believe he was going to die. The photos he’s now posted show how serious the accident really was and how close he came to losing his arm forever.

My hand turned black and was rotting away before my eyes. I was told to prepare for the worst. [The doctors said]  it was not likely my arm would survive.

— James

Unfortunately, James continues to suffer from the horrific accident. In January 2017, he revealed to fans he would leave his band permanently.

While continuing to receive surgery and treatment for his arm, doctors discovered James had even further medical issues that required urgent care.

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“I recently found out that on top of a possible 6th surgery to restore whatever function I can in my hand, I also have a blood clot in my brain.”

— James

James continues to seek for justice as it appears the restaurant that caused him such grievous harm has yet to make significant amends with him.

In his latest post, he comments on how they are still running as a business, filled with people. He also mentioned in previous posts on Instagram how Seoul still brings him grief.

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