“Run On” Actress Ryu Abel’s Instagram Is Hacked, Warns Fans That The Imposter Is Asking People For Money

“Ryu Abel would never ask for money through Instagram.”

Actress Ryu Abel‘s Instagram has been hacked.

Ryu Abel | @ryuabell/Instagram

The actress’s agency, SWMP, released a statement on November 14 stating that the actress’s Instagram had been hacked by a hacker overseas. The agency warned fans to be wary of the hacker in case the imposter tries to ask for money.

Ryu Abel’s Instagram has been hacked by a hacker overseas. The hacker has been asking for money and has caused damage to the actress and her acquaintances.


The label then stated that they had reached out to Instagram to resolve the situation and hoped that there wouldn’t be any victims stating that the actress would never ask fans for money.

We have since reported the hack to Instagram and are working on a fast resolution. Until the account is restored, we hope that there wouldn’t be any victims. We again would like to reiterate that Ryu Abel would never ask for money through Instagram.


Ryu Abel has since commented on her Instagram with a second account to let fans know that her account has been hacked.

This account has been hacked. Until the account is recovered, please be skeptical about all messages. Please alert Instagram. I don’t want anything from anyone.

— Ryu Abel

Ryu Abel has recently joined SWMP. She is best known for her appearances on Run On, and Melo Is My Nature.

Ryu Abel | @ryuabell/Instagram
Source: SBS
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