BTS Brought Back “Blue Village” Betrayals And Nobody Was Ready For It

It was a battle of wits on “Run BTS!”…again.

BTS have duped and sabotaged each other on Run BTS! many times, but one of the most iconic betrayals of all time was the “Blue Village”.

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In Episode 47 and 48, BTS played a modified version of the social deduction game Mafia. As residents of “BTS Village”, the members had to protect their town by deducing who among them was an enemy, aka a resident from the “Blue Village”.

At one point, the members suspected Jin, and so did many viewers. After all, Jin is known to be sneaky; he frequently uses his wit and charm to deceive other players.

To everyone’s surprise, Jin was innocent and three of his most steadfast accusers were the real Blue Villagers.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

Fast forward two years later to Episode 119. After completing a photo challenge, where BTS earned points for following instructions, the staff threw in a plot twist. Somebody was a spy!

As expected, Worldwide Sneaky Guy was one of the prime suspects. Jimin insisted Jin had been suspiciously helpful during the photo challenge, and several other members agreed.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse
| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

Even so, they had doubts. RM and Jin reminded everyone about the Blue Village incident.

It would be a huge mistake to falsely accuse Jin again.

And so, Jin deployed every weapon at his disposal; he invited J-Hope to gaze into his “innocent” eyes, blamed his blushing ears on his natural shyness, and more. Was he the spy?

Of course he was! When the jig was up, Jin proudly confessed and soon his dastardly crimes (crashing other members’ photos to make them lose points) were revealed.

Find out how Jungkook reacted to the plot twist here:

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