BTS Ask J-Hope To “Sexy Dance,” But He Has Other Ideas

We totally get them!

BTS asked J-Hope to “sexy dance.”

BTS’s J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube

BTS returned for another special of Run BTS! titled “Run BTS TV On-Air.” This time, the concept was that the members of BTS were going to be watching “live broadcasts” by the rest of the members. Each member held a live broadcast for the topic of their choice, such as gaming, drumming, painting, etc. Meanwhile, the rest of the group would interact like netizens would on a live broadcast.

BTS’s J-Hope | Weverse

BTS’s Jimin | Weverse

When it was J-Hope’s turn, he hosted a children’s toy review.


With his outgoing personality, he would be perfect for it, as he could totally keep a kid’s short attention span engaged!


So, Jimin suggested he and the members watching “act like kids” while commenting…


Yet, soon after J-Hope started playing with the toys, Jimin suggested J-Hope “sexy dance.” Likewise, Suga asked him to dance, and RM told J-Hope to “twerk.”


Suga: I ask for sixth sense

Jimin: I want to see sexy dance

RM: Show us twerking

J-Hope turned down the viewers’ suggestions, claiming kids don’t know about those types of dances. However, he did imitate the flamingo toy’s movements.

You guys… Children don’t know such thing.

— J-Hope


So, ultimately J-Hope did dance… But humorously as he did it while waiting for the flamingo toy to “poop.”


J-Hope was the last member to do a live broadcast during Part 1 of the episode, and we will have to wait until next week to find out if the flamingo toy “pooped!”

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