BTS’s Jin Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine From A Pro Gamer

This savage king met his match on “Run BTS!”.

Win or lose, all that matters is how you play the game…right?

Wrong! “Team Kim Seokjin” does not accept defeat, especially if video games are involved.

In Episode 115 of Run BTS!, hilarity ensued when BTS gamed with the professional esports team T1. As expected, Jin‘s ultra-competitive side took over when his team (Team B) showed signs of losing. He tried to kick out Effort, who plays video games for a living

…more than once.

Jin’s teasing was all in good fun, of course, but he apologized for going overboard. “I was too mean. I’m sorry,” he said.

As karma would have it, this savage king got a taste of his own medicine from Team A’s Cuzz. When J-Hope announced that Jin and Effort would play against Team A, Cuzz said, “I guess we’ll win.” 

Shots fired!

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