BTS’s V Savagely Dissed Jimin Without Saying A Word…To Him

He got sneaky on the latest episode of “Run BTS!”.

BTS‘s Jimin and have a beautiful friendship that can be summed up in a single phrase: “Jiminie pabo.”

Back in 2014, V craftily convinced Victoria from American Hustle Life to say “Jimin is a fool” or “Jimin is dumb” in Korean.

Jimin responded in English with, “What the hell?” This might be the most iconic Tom & Jerry moment V and Jimin have had, but it’s definitely not the only one.

In the latest episode of Run BTS!, version 2.0 of “Jiminie pabo” happened, much to ARMY’s delight and Jimin’s surprise. After a solid four hours of playing video games together, the professional esports team T1 took turns talking about their experience gaming with BTS.

Canna complimented BTS’s cheerfulness, saying that he had a great time, but V had something to add to this. He “coached” Canna to say…

…”I think Jimin is not good at playing games.” Like the captions say, V never misses an opportunity to tease Jimin.

Shortly after this diss, T1’s Cuzz praised Jimin for taking good care of him. Jimin jumped out of his seat and proudly said, “Did you hear that?” to V and Canna, only for BTS to poke fun at his gaming skills again!

With friends like these who needs enemies?

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse