RM, The “God Of Destruction,” Gets Roasted By BTS’s Own Staff

They have zero chill.

BTS‘s RM just can’t live down his “God of Destruction” reputation!


In Episode 148 of Run BTS!, BTS experienced the struggle that is building IKEA furniture. RM and Suga both proved that they have what it takes to be architects, at least, on paper. They answered every interior design question the staff threw their way!

Suga and RM | Run BTS!/V LIVE

But RM and power tools? Who thought this was a good idea? RM may be a genius, but he also has a history of breaking everything he touches — by accident, of course.

| Run BTS!/V LIVE 

Right from the get-go, RM ran into problems with an IKEA mirror. Luckily, Jin prevented the “God of Destruction” from decimating BTS’s furniture…and everyone in his path.

| Run BTS!/V LIVE 

That didn’t stop the show’s editors from roasting him though. As usual, they had zero chill. The editors pointed out RM’s snail pace in the captions…

| Run BTS!/V LIVE   

…and told everyone what his “specialty” is.


Just when things were finally going RM’s way, the editors switched targets. “Now, Jin is the problem,” they wrote. Run BTS! just wouldn’t be the same without its sassy staff!

| Run BTS!/V LIVE 

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