BTS And 20 Other People Who Struggled To Build IKEA Furniture

“Building IKEA’s bike was the worst hour of my life.”

In Episode 148 of Run BTS!BTS became interior designers and tackled two different “design a room” projects. The members had to do everything from painting the walls to building IKEA furniture. This was easier said than done! Here are 20 other people who can relate to the members’ struggles!


1. Spiraling into insanity

2. This insult to injury

3. We need instructions for the instructions

4. The bike that wasn’t worth owning

5. Domestic dispute

6. Facts only

7. Jungkook can relate

His chair was just as confusing!

8. This disaster

9. Requirements for the job

10. You’re a winner!

11. The extra step nobody told you about

12. Amazon vs IKEA

13. Swedish swears

14. The picture that speaks louder than words

15. That was uncalled for!

16. What happened?

17. Subscribe?

18. Same

19. Not even five minutes?

20. The best way to get the job done