Actress Song Ji Hyo’s Korean Fandom Demands An Immediate Stylist Change After The Latest “Running Man” Episode

“Please hire a new stylist who is more talented and experienced…”

Earlier this month, actress Song Ji Hyo wowed her Instagram followers with selfies capturing her brand new look after chopping off all her long locks. Her fellow Running Man member Haha commented with shock, hinting the style change came unexpectedly!

Actress Song Ji Hyo | @ my_songjihyo/Instagram

And while Song Ji Hyo fans appreciate her regardless of the length of her hair, they have decided to release an official statement demanding the agency to replace the actress’s team of stylists—after the latest episode of Running Man aired.

In this episode, Song Ji Hyo rocked the new do with a cute bucket hat to match. But to some of her fans, it seemed to be “a butchered haircut.”

Song Ji Hyo in the latest episode of “Running Man” | SBS

The official statement from Song Ji Hyo’s fandom, uploaded to the Song Ji Hyo Gallery on DC Inside, pointed out that the fans have been concerned with the lack of professionalism in her makeup, hair, and outfit styling for the past several years.


[Song Ji Hyo Fandom Demands Changes Be Made To The Actress’s Styling (Outfit/Hair/Makeup) Team]

For years, we the fans have expressed concern over the actress’s styling issues. The only reason we have refrained from taking any official action is that we know Song Ji Hyo is good friends with the styling team and we also understand we cannot force the actress to change per our demands. Hence we have continued to support the actress without voicing our complaints—hoping that improvements will come once she switches agencies and our concerns get addressed.

Unfortunately, last year the actress faced some critical press coverage about her unflattering styling. Additionally, she has constantly been named one of the worst-dressed celebrities in surveys done around online community websites. In response, we the fans no longer feel comfortable with sitting back and watching the negativity build around her.

These repeated styling issues not only make Song Ji Hyo look unprofessional to the public eye, but they also exhaust her most loyal fans. Any reluctance to pursue change and find better styling options for the actress also complicates it for the fandom to expand. We will continue to lose fans, both old and new, if we don’t do something. What is a celebrity without fans, though?

Please acknowledge that Song Ji Hyo’s styling is important not only to the fans, but also to the actress’s career. Being stylish will always help with getting her cast for fit roles and building a strong reputation as a presentable actress.

— Song Ji Hyo’s Fandom

And, in a numbered list, the statement demanded specific changes to be made in upgrading Song Ji Hyo’s overall look to “help with getting her cast for fit roles and building a strong reputation as a presentable actress.”


[We Demands Changes Be Made To The Actress’s Styling]

1. Please hire a new stylist who is more talented and experienced: The current stylist does not take Song Ji Hyo’s character and traits into consideration when styling the actress… Everyone has strengths and weaknesses that can be styled to highlight or conceal. The current stylist does not seem to understand what needs to be highlighted vs. what would be better concealed…

2. Please refrain from dressing Song Ji Hyo in experimental outfits that do not fit the time, place, and occasion: The current stylist does not seem to understand certain dress code concepts for certain “Running Man” episodes… Overall, there have been numerous occasions when Song Ji Hyo’s outfits seemed too experimental for the events she attended.

3. Please provide trendy outfits for the actress: We understand that Song Ji Hyo’s character in Running Man and other television programs is often “carefree” and “casual.” The current stylist tends to make some outfits seem overly loungey or even tacky… But casual can be trendy, too.

4. Please put together cohesive outfits and accessories that work together: The current stylist often mix-and-matches tops, bottoms, and accessories that simply do not flow together… Please dress Song Ji Hyo in styles that a. fit her well and b. are trendy.

— Song Ji Hyo’s Fandom

This is not the first time Song Ji Hyo’s stylists faced criticism. In 2020, after the actress appeared on Running Man with “messy hair and unflattering outfits,” viewers congregated online and criticized the actress’s team of stylists for being unaware of how to make Song Ji Hyo look good. Some even pointed out that her most effortless looks, seemingly thrown together without any help from her stylist team, are actually her best.

Comparing her usual grunge-ish look to her more professional looks completed by different stylists, Korean fans grow increasingly more frustrated with Song Ji Hyo’s current team.

  • “Could it be possible that Song Ji Hyo isn’t looking for new stylists because she’s such good friends with her current one? If so, what a bummer…”
  • “Aw, I feel terrible for her.”
  • “I DESPISE talking about celebrity appearances but I have to comment on this because this is beyond understandable. I get why Song Ji Hyo fans are so upset.”
  • “Are we even sure her hairstylist is licensed to cut hair? Because it sure doesn’t look like it… What madness is that cut?”
  • “Oh, whoa… I had no idea until now but it definitely looks like the styling team could do better. I mean, hairdos can really change a person’s vibes.”
  • “Song Ji Hyo could go bald and look great. Why waste her beauty like this?”
  • “Who is it? Are we sure the stylist is not a Song Ji Hyo hater?”

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo’s international fans are praising the actress for paying absolutely no attention to what anyone says about her style.

The caption reads, “We haev a surprise guest, Geum Bo Ra,” hinting at the hairstyle resemblance between the two actresses. | SBS

The more that I think about it, the more I admire her bravery in getting this haircut. In an industry so focused on outward and visual appearances, she’s taken a huge professional risk to follow her own personal conviction and desire. Do we know if she did this for a job, nope – but I don’t think the reason matters. I think if anything, we can see that she’s always wanting to push and discover new parts of herself, she’s not satisfied with giving us the same or predictable characters – if given the opportunity, she challenges the stereotypes and norm. She is breaking barriers not just for herself but also those that come after her…

— User @El L on the “Running Man” YouTube Channel

Indeed, the actress has not responded to any of the backlash about her style/stylists.

Source: Wikitree and THEQOO

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