“Running Man’s” Jeon So Min Currently Hospitalized Due To Poor Health

Get well soon, Jeon So Min.

Jeon So Min, most well known for her participating in SBS Running Man, is currently hospitalized due to poor health.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, Jeon So Min was recently diagnosed with fatigue due to overworking, as she has many schedules that overlap. Because of this, she requires rest and treatment. In response, her agency is currently discussing whether she it is the right decision for her to completely stop all of her activities, and rest. Her diagnosis is not related to Coronavirus.

As a result, it has not yet been determined whether or not she will participate in the upcoming Running Man episodes. SBS PD Choi Bo Pil also confirmed Jeon So Min is currently hospitalized.

I know that Jeon So Min is currently still in the hospital. How her future schedules will work has not yet been decided. We can continue filming without having her miss a filming, or we can give her a break. We will discuss the situation with her agency later. She is under examination for a small illness. I think I can only comment further once the situation has been sorted out.

— Choi Bo Pil PD

Another entertainment official stated that Jeon So Min’s hospitalization resulted from her bad condition that was caused by too many schedules. The medical team stated she needs rest, but the final decision is up to Jeon So Min and her staff.

In response to the reports, Jeon So Min’s agency, Entertainment IM, confirmed she will be taking a break to recover her health.

Recently, Jeon So Min was diagnosed with fatigue symptoms, so she will be taking a break. It is not related to Coronavirus at all, but a break due to fatigue.

We let the Running Man staff know that she will take around a one month break, and the production staff has been understanding of her situation.

— Entertainment IM

Source: Sports Chosun