“Running Man” Set To Become The Longest Running Korean Variety Show In History

It’ll break the record of another Yoo Jae Suk hosted program.

SBS‘s Running Man is one of South Korea’s most beloved variety programs, having been on air since 2010. With its impressive and successful 11-year run, it was only a matter of time before it became the longest running Korean variety show — and it looks like the program is closer to the title than we thought.

SBS’s “Running Man.”

The current title holder of South Korea’s longest running variety program is yet, another show hosted by Yoo Jae SukMBC‘s Infinite Challenge ended its accomplished 13-year run after airing a whopping 563 episodes. The show went on to see massive success, both domestically and internationally. However, following the departure of the program’s producer Kim Tae Ho, the rest of the show’s members decided to step down as well, ultimately ending the program.

MBC’s “Infinite Challenge.”

And while Infinite Challenge has since held onto the title for a long time, it seems that the title will soon be relinquished to Running Man as the variety show just aired episode 562 last Sunday. This means that this upcoming Sunday on July 11, Running Man will be airing episode 563.

With Running Man‘s continuous popularity and constant evolvement with creative episode ideas, just two more episodes are needed for the SBS program to take the highly coveted title. This also means that Yoo Jae Suk will be breaking his own previous record, as the comedian previously hosted Infinite Challenge before it ended in 2018.

Comedian and host, Yoo Jae Suk.

This amazing news excited netizens as they poured out their congratulations, their fan-ship for the show, and more.

| theqoo
  • “After So Min and Se Chan joined, the show became funnier. It’s one that I make sure to watch weekly, but I also enjoy rewatching some of the episodes.”
  • “So funny.”
  • “It’s all Yoo’s (Yoo Jae Suk) shows. Infinite Challenge and Running Man are both his. Yoo is incredible.”
  • “It’s so fun. Please run for a long long time.”
  • “When Running Man’s pilot episode aired, I thought it wouldn’t do well. But now, every episode becomes legendary. So funny.”
  • “This is fascinating. I will support you.”
  • “I watch this weekly and if I miss the airing, I will watch the reruns. It’s so fun. After Infinite Challenge ended, I missed the bickering and Running Man filled that void. I hope they don’t do anything too rigorous and that they take care of their health. I hope they can do the show for a long time.”
  • “Running Man is so funny these days, but I do miss Infinite Challenge.”
  • “Running Man is fun even without the running.”

Wow, what an incredible milestone for Running Man and the show’s cast mates! We hope that Running Man airs for even more years to come.

Congratulations to Running Man!

Source: WikiTree, theqoo and Image

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