“Running Man” Jeon So Min Responds To Dating Rumors With A Production Staff Member

” I know you are dating a member of the production staff..,”

Jeon So Min responded to allegations that she is dating a member of the Running Man production team.

On the July 7 episode of SBS‘s Running Man, the members of the show competed in a race.

The race involved the members, all starting from different places. During the race, the members would have to complete different missions.

For each mission, the members were given a per diem, an amount of money given so the members could complete the mission. Members set their own per diem, but the two members that asked for the most and least amount of money did not receive any money.

The show’s production staff hid the guests of the show, who were also team leaders. Yang Se Chan, curious to find out who the guests were, called Jeon So Min to see if she knew anything.

Yang Se Chan calling Jeon So Min | SBS

Jeon So Min (left) telling Yang Se Chan (right) she didn’t know the identites of the guests. | SBS

When Jeon So Min explained, she didn’t know anything. Yang Se Chan then told her to ask her boyfriend who the guests were. The comedian then alleged that Jeon So Min was dating a member of the production staff.

Who are today’s guests? Text your boyfriend right now and ask. I know you are dating a member of the production staff.

— Yang Se Chan

Yang Se Chan (right) telling Jeon So Min (left) to ask her boyfriend. | SBS

Yang Se Chan (left) alleges Jeon So Min to be dating a member of the production team. | SBS

Jeon So Min answered why it was impossible she was dating a member of the production staff.

I don’t have a boyfriend. All the members of the staff are married.

— Jeon So Min

When Yang Se Chan guessed that comedians Jo Se Ho and Nam Chang Hee were the guests, Jeon So Min gave a hilarious response.

If it is Se Ho oppa, I am going to go home.

— Jeon So Min

Yang Se Chan guessing the identites of the episode’s guests. | SBS

Jeon So Min threatening to go home if it is Jo Se Ho. | SBS

Yang Se Chan’s questioning of Jeon So Min’s relationship with a member of the production staff is a call back to the July 24 episode of Running Man. In the episode, allegations were raised regarding Jeon So Min’s relationship with a member of the production staff when the actress revealed she knew not only the context of the day’s filming but also knew the location as well as the product placement for that day’s episode.

Running Man members are shocked to learn Jeon So Min knew the details of the day’s episode that the production team didn’t yet reveal. | SBS

Jeon So Min reveals she even knows the brand of the episode’s product placement sponsor. | SBS

HaHa accused Jeon So Min of finding out the details through a member of the production staff she was dating. Jeon So Min, to the member’s surprise, didn’t respond to the allegations and neither denied nor acknowledged the accusation.

This means she has a boyfriend (in the production staff). If it isn’t love, there is no way she would know.

— HaHa

Song Ji Hyo (left), Jeon So Min (middle), and Yoo Jae Suk (right). Running Man’s PD is seen asking Jeon So Min how she knew the details of the day’s episode. | SBS

HaHa is seen accusing Jeon So Min of dating a member of the show’s production team | SBS

It seems the mystery of how Jeon So Min knew so much about that day’s episode will have to wait to be unraveled!

Jeon So Min has fast become a fan favorite since joining Running Man in April of 2017. The actress is known for her refreshing brand of humor and her down-to-earth demeanor. The actress recently starred in JTBC‘s drama Cleaning Up.

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