Here’s Why Running Scenes In MVs Are Always So Stable, According To Professional Directors

He revealed the insider secret.

Have you ever wondered how cameramen are able film such clean shots of idols running?

As is, it’s practically impossible for them to run at the same pace while still holding a camera!

Kim Ji Hwan, a camera director, and Song Na Ra, an art director, revealed the insider trick in a recent video with YouTube channel AYO.

As the person in charge, Kim Ji Hwan explained that they are able to film such stable shots due to the help of Segway, a motorized vehicle that they stand on.

Without Segway, it is difficult to run at the same pace as the idols. The camera is also prone to capturing less than desirable angles.

We use an electric wheel called Segway a lot. I might not catch up if I run with the idols while holding a camera, and the camera angle might get ugly because I can’t see the monitor.

— Kim Ji Hwan

Best of all, Segway helps them run ahead of idols idols while ensuring that the camera is always at a clean angle.

But on an electric wheel, you can move at the speed of a human running, so you can chase them while looking at the camera’s angles.

— Kim Ji Hwan

Song Na Ra added, “Since Segway is very fast, it’s used a lot for music video shootings.

Meanwhile, you can view the entire episode below!

Source: AYO