“Run On” Choi Sooyoung And Im Siwan Go Viral For Their Performance Of Girls’ Generation Hit Songs

It’s been 5 years since we’ve seen him dance!

Actors Im Siwan and Choi Sooyoung starred as a celebrity and management duo in the hit show Run On. Despite their fame as actors now, they were both top idols back in the day. Sooyoung was from Girls’ Generation, one of the most successful groups. On the other hand, Im Siwan was the visual center in ZE:A.

They both had the chance to return to their idol roots during Im Siwan’s recent fanmeeting. Sooyoung attended as a special guest and the two danced to a medley of Girls’ Generation songs.

Starting with “Genie”…

…they nailed every move.

They rocked “Into The New World,”

which is also known to be Sooyoung’s debut song.

Siwan let her shine during “Forever One,” Girl’s Generation’s most recent song.

The ending was perfect!

Check out the full video below.

The video quickly went viral. Fans loved seeing Siwan dance and were reminded of his past as an idol.

| theqoo

  • “That’s right, he was an idol.”
  • “His charms are insane LOL”
  • “Wow, he’s no joke. I didn’t know that his idol power was this strong.”
  • “No, but we need to bring Im Siwan back into the K-Idol category.”
  • “That’s right, he was also an idol LOL”
  • “He’s dancing harder than when he was an idol lol.”

While Sooyoung was still active as an idol up to late 2022 with her group, it has been years since we’ve seen Siwan dance. He has been focusing on his activities as an actor for the last five years.

Source: theqoo

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