Japanese Actor Ryoma Takeuchi Claims BTS’s V Is So Pretty, He Could Kiss Him

Well, get in line.

BTS‘s V has already claimed the top spot as the World’s Most Handsome Man, as well as the top spot in our hearts. But it looks like V is about to sweep up yet another fan! This time, famous Japanese actor, Ryoma Takeuchi was won over by V’s ethereal visuals.

During a live stream, Ryoma Takeuchi was casually chatting with people offscreen while reading fans’ comments. Someone offscreen must have shown him a BTS photograph, as he immediately asked, “Who’s the person with blue hair?

When he was told that the person was Taetae (V’s nickname), he immediately reacted and praised V’s visuals.

Taetae is really handsome. He’s amazing, it’s no joke! If it’s Taetae, I could kiss him even! That’s how pretty he is.

— Ryoma Takeuchi

Well, we have to say, Ryoma Takeuchi is no slouch himself in the visuals department! We’d love to see the two stars together on screen one day.

| @takeuchi_ryoma/Instagram