Ryu Jun yeol Wants To Clear Up The Misunderstanding Regarding His Reaction To JYP’s Performance

This meme can be used for any occasion!

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol responded to him becoming a hot topic due to his reaction to Park Jin Young’s congratulatory performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Recently, he was interviewed by media outlet SPOTVNEWS and talked about his upcoming projects.

Regarding his feelings at the time, he replied, “It’s quite a heavy question. I don’t know where to start telling you how I felt then.”

First, I’ll tell you what my situation was like. Isn’t that more important? Because when I sit at award ceremonies, various thoughts come to my mind. I think about what if I win something because I am a nominee. I also have a fond feeling, because I am happy when managers and staff receive awards. Although it was a festival where all celebrities gather, there is also a lot of staff. It’s a hectic day. But after living the day like that, as a result, actors receive awards and it’s a happy moment when you receive it.”

He continued, “Unfortunately, I didn’t win an award. Then I think of the faces of the staff. They went through a lot, and I think of my manager’s face. I don’t know what kind of reaction I should give or what words of comfort I should say. But that day, everyone was telling me that I was in trouble. I don’t watch the news, so I thought, ‘Have I done something stupid again.’ Anyway, I wanted to tell you how I felt first. That part that was captured was of me being worried and in a dilemma.”

And regarding his reaction, he continued with an apology.

First of all, I would like to apologize, there was clearly a misunderstanding. I would like to explain that situation in detail. I guess we need to talk about NewJeans first. It’s important who you sit next to at an award ceremony. Because they will be a friend that you will be talking to for a few hours. I was shocked when NewJeans came out. Actress Ahn Eun Jin talked about which member she liked and that one member was in elementary school during the pandemic. We continued talking about NewJeans when suddenly Park Jin Young appeared.

He added that if you knew the pretext, people would understand his reaction.

Everyone was surprised by his performance. Eunjin admired his performance, and wondered if there was anyone in Korea that could do it like him. My reaction was admiration. If you know why I was like that, then the reaction fits perfectly. It depends on how you add subtitles to it. ‘If it were me, would I be able to do it?’ If you talk to Eunjin, you will get the same answer.


In regards to his thoughts about his reaction becoming a meme he stated, “What I really like about this meme is that it can be used for any occasion. Even ‘Happy New Year, Merry Christmas’ is possible. It works with everything. I feel so happy and proud. But I want to clear up any misunderstanding. He showed us a new stage and it was amazing.”

He wrapped up by saying that it was Park Jin Young that truly stole his heart on stage.

For me, I am more Park Jin Young than NewJeans. I can feel his tireless energy and passion for 30 years. I can see the path I have to walk. I’ve received more texts because of this than on his birthday. It’s become a part of my filmography. I’m grateful and I want to tell him I respect him.

Source: spotv and theqoo