Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed To Star In New Drama, “Disqualified From Being Human” Alongside Jeon Do Yeon

This will be both actors’ first dramas in 4 years!

Previously, it was reported by drama representatives that actress Jeon Do Yeon would be taking on the role of the female lead in a new drama, Disqualified From Being Human (working title). As the drama is going to be her first role since tvN‘s Good Wife, aired 4 years ago, attention was placed on just who was going to be her co-star.

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On the 7th of August, drama representatives confirmed that actor Ryu Jun Yeol would be joining her in Disqualified From Being Human. The drama is about ordinary humans that try to improve their quality of life, but are confronted by the reality of failure.

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Jeon Do Yeon will play Boo Jung, a woman in her 40s who feels as if she has lost her way as she has not accomplished anything in her career, while Ryu Jun Yeol plays a 27 year old man that fears being a nobody. Boo Jung suffered a miscarriage a year ago and had lost her will to live, but tries to help others by taking part in a suicide helpline online community.

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Jeon Do Yeon has previously appeared in acclaimed hits such as Lovers in Prague and The Housemaid, in addition to Good Wife, while Ryu Jun Yeol is known for Reply 1988 and Little Forest. This will also be his first drama in 4 years, since 2016’s Lucky Romance.

Source: Chosun