SALT Entertainment Denies Accusations On Kim Seon Ho’s Personality From Someone That Claims To Be His University Schoolmate

The claims were denied.

Kim Seon Ho was recently hit with accusations of gaslighting and pressuring his ex-girlfriend to abort a baby. While he has since apologized for his actions and the matter with his ex-girlfriend has been resolved, he was slammed with yet another series of accusations. This time, someone that claimed to be his university schoolmate attempted to “expose” his true character. SALT Entertainment flatly denied these accusations.

An OP on an online community claimed to have gone to the same university as Kim Seon Ho. They named their post, “I’m a schoolmate of actor K“, following the original accusations that named Kim Seon Ho as “actor K” initially. The post went up on October 21, 2021, where they claimed that they had anticipated things due to Kim Seon Ho’s alleged true character.

I felt very refreshed by hearing the doubts cast upon his character such as ‘why is his true character only being exposed now’, as his personality problems finally ‘exploded as they should’. Right now, the clean and kind image that he has, is totally different from what I knew of actor K. During university days, he liked alcohol and clubbing and just like now, had many experiences with women.

— Alleged schoolmate

The OP also claimed that actor K was foul in temper and when his opinions disagreed with someone he was working with, he would curse and attempt to use fists. OP asks for readers not to be fooled by Kim Seon Ho’s good image of now.

However, on October 22, 2021, Kim Seon Ho’s agency, SALT Entertainment, firmly denied the posting and stated that it was all false.

Kim Seon Ho has been swept up in accusations by his ex-girlfriend. The matter was settled after his apology and his ex-girlfriend has agreed to take down her original post.

Source: Chosun

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