SALT Entertainment Tells All In An Updated Statement About Kim Seon Ho’s Management Contract

They revealed the specifics of his contract.

SALT Entertainment has finally shared their updated statement regarding actor Kim Seon Ho‘s exclusive management contract with them. The statement was released October 25, 2021. While allegations against Kim Seon Ho had been made by his ex-girlfriend, many were suspicious of his company when rumors broke out that his contract with the company was ending soon. Although this was swiftly denied, the company decided to reveal the contract period between Kim Seon Ho and SALT Entertainment once and for all.

SALT Entertainment shared that their contract initially ended in late 2019, but due to busy schedules, they continued to work with Kim Seon Ho up to mid 2020 purely based on trust. Later, they re-contracted for a period up to 2023, with a clause that states automatic renewal year by year up to 2027, provided that there were no conflicts.

Hello. This is SALT Entertainment. We will be sharing accurate information regarding Kim Seon Ho’s contract period with SALT Entertainment. Firstly, although the contents of a contract are privy to only the relevant party, due to the continuous issues, after discussing with the relevant party, we will be sharing it.

Through an introduction from a representative of the broadcasting industry, we had our first meeting with Kim Seon Ho in July 2018. It is a very difficult thing to decide to spend a long period with a company in such a short time, so after mutual discussions, we settled on a period of September 2018 to September 2019, and that we would discuss once more about an extension after we have tried working together.

After this, 3 months before his contract ended, in June 2019, we were supposed to discuss an extension but due to his promotions as an actor increasing, we have been continuing to work with the actor based on trust and it became mid- 2020.

After this, due to Kim Seon Ho’s request, we re-contracted for the period March 2020 to March 2023 and a clause was added that if there were no conflicts, the contract would automatically renew yearly up to March 2027.

We hope that you understand that we have to convey our statement due to the continuous issues.

Thank you.

— SALT Entertainment

Previously, due to rumors that Kim Seon Ho’s contract was ending with SALT Entertainment, the company gave a denial once and clarified that they would soon be updating with a new statement. The new statement, which is the above, came on October 25, 2021.

Source: My Daily