“The Return Of Superman” Sam Hammington Reveals DMs From “Concerned BTS Fans”… And Other ARMYs Come To Apologize

“I don’t know what to think of these kinds of messages.”

Since early December, comedian Sam Hammington — known and loved for his family on The Return of Superman — has been raving about BTS

TV Personality Sam Hammington | JUVIS

… after an initial tweet claimed he “has become an ARMY“.

I’m going to confess!! I’m an ARMY now!

— Sam Hammington

After a couple of tweets…

Is J-Hope’s dancing skills for real?

— Sam Hammington

… mentioning the global superstars, however…

William: I can’t wait to see Suga perform with the rest of BTS hyungs. I think the hyungs miss Suga-hyung.

While watching SBS Gayo Daejeon.

— Sam Hammington

… Sam Hammington revealed that he received DMs from alleged fellow ARMYs. The DMs read:

Hello, I don’t know if you’ll see this DM… but I’m a huge fan of your family and BTS! I was happy to find out that you support BTS too. I love following your Instagram and Twitter accounts as well. It’s actually after seeing your Twitter that I decided to send you this message… On Twitter, there is a lot of ARMYs. But there are many anti-fans and bad, weird people too. So I hope you’d stay away from Twitter. And when you do tweet, please disregard and ignore those types of people. Just focus on good things, like you make William and Bentley do. I’ll always root for you!

— Fan

He tweeted screenshots of the DMs, asking “what to think” of messages as such — telling him to “stop mentioning BTS“.

| @samhammington/Twitter

I’m cautious to say this, but I’m concerned so I’m letting you know. If you keep talking about BTS, I think it might upset some people. I hope you keep that in mind.

Sorry if this DM makes you feel uncomfortable. I’m sure you know what you’re doing with your kids. But they’re so well known and so loved that I grew worried. And I’ve heard things… So after giving it a lot of thought, I decided to tell you. I love William and Bentley. I take part in all of your work with them. I will forever support you guys.

— Fan

Following the tweets, other ARMYs have come to apologize to Sam Hammington on behalf of the sender.

It is those types of messages that you can surely disregard and ignore. I hate how some fake BTS fans will spread nonsense like this, asking newer fans to “stay away“. What they’re doing is bad and weird. Again, please don’t pay attention to these messages.

— Twitter @Jiminkingdomone

ARMYs are telling him to disregard the messages…

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

We love you and your family’s admiration for BTS, especially Jimin. Don’t mind those people, they are full of resentment and jealousy.

— Twitter @magdalenesjimin

… and continue supporting BTS as publicly as he desires, like sharing his admiration for the group on his social media!

I hope you don’t take these messages to heart. You can totally ignore them. Thanks for sharing though, it has taught me people can be extremely rude sometimes. Anyway, we love watching you and the boys and we appreciate the episodes. We the ARMYs are one. Please, please don’t pay any attention to those messages.

— Twitter @jiminizoo_bts

Source: theqoo