A Netizen Attacks Sam Hammington Because His Kids Are Shirtless — Sam Hammington Calls Them Out For Ridiculous Negativity

The netizen made groundless speculation as to why William and Bentley were shirtless.

Sam Hammington recently posted about his sons making cookies when he received a ridiculous criticism that Sam Hammington thought was seriously farfetched.

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The revealed photos show his sons, William and Bentley making cookies with their shirts off.

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And one netizen had a problem with that due to groundless speculation they made all on their own.

How hard do you blast the heat that your kids go around with their shirts off? I don’t know how much money you make, but let’s think about the environment. Poor people right now live in the cold.

— Netizen

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But Sam Hammington expressed his disappointment as that was not the reason for their shirts being off at all.

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So he called out the netizen for being a “Debbie Downer” and explained what really happened.

They took off their shirts because they got dirty while they made cookies… Attacking me for using heat is a bit much, don’t you think? I think you’re thinking too negatively…

— Sam Hammington

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And fans couldn’t help but express their shock at the ridiculous attack.

  • Attacking him for using heat is too much.
  • That’s so twisted.
  • That’s a professional negative person right there.
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But Sam Hammington never takes the hate quietly, just like the time he told off another netizen who criticized him for kissing his sons on the lips.

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You tell them, Sam!

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