Sam Hammington Exposes His Son, Bentley’s Unique Sleeping Habit And Netizens Gush Over Him

We can’t figure out if we should laugh or be startled.

Sam Hammington‘s recent Instagram upload has become a hot topic amongst netizens and it’s all in thanks to his adorable son, Bentley.

Sam Hammington with his two sons William and Bentley | @samhammington/Instagram

Just a few days ago, the New Zealander Australian comedian uploaded an otherwise innocent clip of his youngest son sitting in his carseat. At first glance, it just looks like Bentley is staring off into his dad’s camera. After reading Sam Hammington’s Instagram caption, however, his followers were made aware that Bentley was in fact not awake, but actually asleep in the video!

This is not a paused screen..
We came to play ice hockey, but on the drive here he fell asleep~~ he opened his eyes for a brief moment and he fell asleep with them open~~ honestly, I think he’s sleeping because he doesn’t really want to play.

— @bentleyhammington/Instagram

The startling, yet adorable clip created quite a reaction from Korean netizens who couldn’t help but comment on Bentley’s unique sleeping habit!

Comments under Bentley’s post | @bentleyhammington/Instagram
  • “His skills are impressive. I can’t believe he sleeps with his eyes open. The world’s cutest Bentley.”
  • “ㅠㅠ baby, don’t your eyes hurt~~~? Bentley is so cute.”
  • “Wow, I can’t believe our Bentley really sleeps with his eyes open!!”
  • “Are you really sleeping with your eyes open? He’s so cute~”
  • “Bentley ❤️ “
  • “Omg he’s sleeping with his eyes open. You really didn’t want to do it that bad? But…why is he so cute? Bentley.”
Bentley sleeping with his eyes wide open | @bentleyhammington/Instagram

Oh Bentley, what an adorable sleeping habit! In related news, it was recently confirmed that Sam Hammington and his two sons would be stepping down from The Return of Superman after 5 years with the program.