Sam Hammington Reveals That He Doesn’t Touch The Money His Two Sons Make

He wants them to have it.

Sam Hammington is making headlines for being an incredible father.

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Sam Hammington has been a fixed cast member of KBS‘s The Return of Superman since 2016 along with his two adorable sons, William and Bentley. The trio has been well loved for the past few years, as they gained not only notoriety, but also many career opportunities. They have filmed numerous commercials and became the model of different brands after appearing on the KBS show.

Sam Hammington, Bentley and William modeling for “Seoul Milk” | Seoul Milk

With that said, the curiosity of how Bentley and William’s wages are handled have always been a topic of interest and Sam Hammington addressed these questions. Back in October, he made a guest appearance on KBS Cool FM‘s Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show. It was during his time on the radio broadcast that he shared his family’s financial status.

Park Myung Soo (left) and Sam Hammington (right) | MSN

We make enough to eat and live modestly.

— Sam Hammington

When Park Myung Soo asked, “do the wages that William and Bentley make from advertisements help you out financially?” Sam Hammington revealed that he doesn’t touch what they make and that their money goes into a separate account just for them.

They’re going to grow up and be completely shocked by the amount in their savings account. I want them to use it how they want, whether they buy a car, pay for college tuition or go travel.

— Sam Hammington

Sam Hammington in front of his sons’ subway advertisement | @samhammington/Instagram

This came as a tremendous shock to the nation due to the fact that the boys are both young in age. The assumption that parents should have control over their children’s accounts also contributed to the shock factor. Netizens poured out their support for Sam Hammington and his wife’s decision to honor their sons’ hard work by saving their money.

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Sam Hammington’s decision became an even bigger deal after it was later revealed that him and his family live in a rental home. Despite being able to most likely afford their own home, the decision to live modestly and pay a monthly rent has been viewed kindly in the eyes of netizens.

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You can catch Sam Hammington and his two sons, Bentley and William every Sunday on The Return of Superman.

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