Sam Kim Names All The Artists That Are On His “Collab Wishlist”

He named some amazing artists!

Sam Kim named a few artists he’d love to release collaborations with someday!

On the latest episode of The K-Pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam, Sam Kim appeared as a guest, where he covered tons of topics, such as his experience being a songwriter for actor Park Bo Gum!

Another topic that was brought up was his wishlist of fellow musicians Sam Kim would love to collaborate with!

You write great songs. Anybody else that you’d really love to [collaborate with]? Who’s on your wishlist? [Who you wanna] write for or work with?

—Eric Nam

The first artist Sam Kim picked was none other than the host, Eric Nam himself!

You know, we’ve never collabed. We sang that one song on [Yoo Hee Yeol’s] Sketchbook, but we never collabed. You and I. But yeah, you, Eric Nam. That’s one of the people I wanna work with.

—Sam Kim

And Eric Nam was all set to drop a collaboration, whenever, wherever!

We got to. Whenever you’re ready.

—Eric Nam

When naming his second pick, Sam Kim chose “Jae”, which after some questioning for clarity, then led to his second pick being Jay Park!

I would love to work with Jay Park hyung, too! Like, we’re both from Seattle so there’s this like, thing where I wanna work with him. And he’s such a cool and he’s such a respectable person. I wanna work with him too.

—Sam Kim

And the “Jae” he actually meant, was Day6‘s Jae!

I was talking about Day6’s Jae. Our Jae.

—Sam Kim

Eric Nam was in complete agreement, complimenting the singer for his incredible vocals!

Jae has an amazing voice, as well.

—Eric Nam

And Sam Kim embellished this thought with a compliment of his own!

He has such a good voice, it’s insane.

—Sam Kim

Hopefully, at least one of these collaborations will happen in the near future!

Watch the whole thing here!

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