Sam Kim Opens Up About His Experience Songwriting For Park Bo Gum

He revealed what it was like to work with the actor!

Sam Kim talked about songwriting for actor Park Bo Gum!

On the latest episode of The K-Pop Daebak Show, Eric Nam welcomed Sam Kim as a guest, where they talked about tons of fun topics!

As their conversation centered around music, Eric Nam asked,

Who are some of your favorite people to work with and who would you love to work with in the future?

—Eric Nam

Sam Kim began by talking about his dream of being a songwriter, and also opened up about his songwriting experience with Park Bo Gum!

So my future…ideal dream is to write a lot of songs for other people. So I recently wrote for…what do we call him? We call him an actor. Actor Park Bo Gum. I wrote him a song…which was a lot of fun.

—Sam Kim

Sam Kim wrote and composed Park Bo Gum’s most recent song, “All My Love”, and he shared his experience working with the popular actor!

He is such a sweetheart, It’s insane how nice he is. Before I wrote the song for him, we like met up and ate some really good pasta. And then we shared ideas and he like, he was talking about his life and what he was going through, and he made it such a comfortable space for me to talk about what I was going through at that time. And he just made it so comfortable for me to write.

And yeah, it was just a really good experience writing for him. It’s a really good song. I really like the song.

—Sam Kim

“All My Love” was a special-release song for Park Bo Gum’s fans!

You can watch Sam Kim talk about his experience working with Park Bo Gum here!

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