Sam Okyere Accused Of Belittling Asians Following His Disapproval of Black Face Parody By Korean Students

Sam Okyere is facing backlash from Korean netizens.

Ghanaian TV entertainer in Korea, Sam Okyere recently expressed his regret and sadness after students of Uijeongbu High School did a blackface parody of a video of a funeral ceremony in Ghana.


And he is now facing backlash for what netizens claim to be a belittling act against Asians. Sam Okyere stressed that blackface is offensive and not funny at all for those who are black, and expressed his wishes for the racist tendencies to change in Korea.

But some netizens are criticizing Sam Okyere for belittling Asians in the past and questioning if he has the right to discuss the topic of racism in Korea.

Back in 2015, Sam Okyere was a part of the panel on JTBC‘s Abnormal Summit where they held a Spanish “grimace competition.”

While other members of the panel showed off all sorts of exaggerated faces, Sam Okyere pulled his eyes to the side, which is commonly known as a way of mocking an Asian facial characteristic.

Although the competition had nothing to do with Asians there was no mention of what Sam Okyere actually intended with the action, netizens are demanding that he clarify before proceeding to criticize others for racism.

  • Hm, why did he do that?
  • Didn’t that stir up controversy at the time?
  • Wouldn’t that be unpleasant from the stance of black people?
  • I think Sam Okyere should clarify this first.

Sam Okyere is a popular TV entertainer in Korea, and he’s very vocal about the issue of racism in Korea while taking an active approach to getting rid of stereotypes.



Source: Dispatch