Samsung Shares Mega-HQ Picture of BTS’s Jin… And ARMYs Can’t Stop Zooming In

(Zooooooooom) 🧐

After announcing their partnership with BTS to release a special, limited edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung shared some super high quality pictures of the members on their website.

These pictures, originally uploaded at the jaw-dropping resolution of 18604*8668, left ARMYs breathless.

In particular, ARMYs couldn’t stop marveling over this picture of Jin…

… which captured his absolute flawlessness. Mesmerized fans couldn’t help but zoom in on that glorious visual —

which, thanks to the pure immenseness of the file, resulted in this absolutely surreal crop of his eyes. ARMYs can see even the smallest details, like the lighting reflecting off his eyes!

And boy, is this keeping ARMYs alive!

The super HQ pictures have since been deleted from the site, but ARMYs didn’t miss the chance to grab what they could. Here’s more of the members.

Source: THEQOO