San E Reveals Hate Messages And The Contents Are Shockingly Malicious

The content includes strong language, reader discretion advised.

Rapper San E shared a series of screenshots of his direct messages on his Instagram and fans are shocked by the level of hatred displayed in these messages.

San E has been the center of numerous controversies in the past, which led to his contract termination with Brand New Music in December of 2018. Regardless, San E has been continuing his activities on social media platforms and on YouTube as well.


In the messages he received from unknown senders, San E deals with hate on himself and his family, threats of physical violence, and requests to harm himself. In one of the messages he shared with his followers, San E asks the hater what he can do to stop the messages – to which the hater responded, “Go kill yourself.”


It is not unusual, unfortunately, for celebrities to receive derogatory messages from their haters and San E’s screenshots show how K-Pop artists are so vulnerable to unreasonable hate that seeps in to their inboxes. While constructive criticism can be beneficial to the artists, these type of messages that contain no other substance but pure hatred often reach and affect the celebrities too.

San E didn’t cover up the Instagram handle of the person who sent him these messages. The account, when searched, seems to be a “fake” one, without any content posted on its feed. Most “haters” use these anonymous accounts to attack celebrities – but it is often possible for legal authorities to track the ID back to the owner.


San E responded to these messages, not directly but through his Instagram post of the screenshots. He commented, “I’m writing a song about you guys” and added a heart – making him seem unshaken by the contents of the messages. He also included a picture of the Korean police department’s logo at the end, possibly hinting that he is taking legal action against the senders.


The comment section is now filling up with fans telling San E to disregard the hatred and encouraging him on taking legal action against the senders.

Source: Dispatch