Brand New Music Terminates Contract with San E After Numerous Controversies

He is no longer a Brand New Music artist.

Brand New Music has announced that they have terminated San E‘s contract after he has been involved in numerous controversies in the past month.


The agency released a statement about how they came to this decision after discussing with San E.

“Today we have concluded our contract with San E. After a series of discussions with him, we have mutually agreed to terminate the contract.”

— Brand New Music


San E’s exit from Brand New Music started after the Isu Station incident, where he posted illegal footage taken from the scene on his social media.

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Following this, he released a song called “FEMINIST” where he shared his thoughts on feminism in Korea.

San E Reveals Thoughts About Gender Equality Through New Track “FEMINIST”


He was “attacked” by two other rappers, through both social media and via a diss track. San E attempted to explain his thoughts on his ideas of feminism and his tracks, but the public still did not accept his reasoning.

San E Just Released Two Songs About “Feminists” And Was Immediately Attacked By Other Rappers


Finally, San E took to the stage at Brand New Music’s recent concert, where he attacked feminists. It was so bad, the CEO of Brand New Music, Rhymer, came out on stage to apologize, and apologized again through the media the next day.

San E Calls Radical Feminists “Insane” at Brand New Music Concert, Agency Apologizes


San E has also accused news outlets, namely SBS, for witch hunting against him and maliciously editing together clips to make him look like a misogynist.

Source: Osen