San E Reveals Thoughts About Gender Equality Through New Track “FEMINIST”

“I am feminist.”

Shortly after sharing a controversial video related to the Isu Station assault case, San E released his new track, “FEMINIST”, and boldly revealed his thoughts on gender equality issues.


The song was released through his official Youtube channel and with it was the caption, “I do not detest women. I detest the situations that are sparked by the flames of aversion.”


There has been a wide range of reactions to the song, which touched upon various sensitive issues. He began the lyrics by stating that he is feminist.

“I am feminist
I believe women and men are equal
See, I mentioned women first
As mother comes first in mother and father”

ㅡ “FEMINIST” by San E


He then goes on to explain that even so, he cannot understand why people think women and men are not treated equally.

I don’t understand why people these days think women and men are not equal
I’d understand if it was my grandmother saying this
When did you ever experience so much discrimination
You’re from South Korea among other OECD countries
You talk about the salary gap between men and women blah blah
F*cking fake fact”

ㅡ “FEMINIST” by San E


He calls women out on their unreasonable demands for equality while expecting special treatment.

“If you want those rights so badly why don’t you serve in the military
Why do I always pay when we go on dates
What more do you want we gave up spaces on the subway bus and parking lots so why
Oh girls don’t need a prince
Then pay for half of the house when we get married
I’m no f*cking prince”

ㅡ “FEMINIST” by San E


Women who participated in the #MeTooMovement with a different motive were also pointed out in his lyrics.

“I support the Me Too Movement, you know right?
Because of Director Kim and Actor Cho those f*cking b*tches
Men are blamed and criticized
But honestly
Other than those extreme situations
Why do MeToo
After you’ve done everything and agreed to it? Gold digger?
Lucky them they get to sell their bodies for money
Men are left to become criminals
I’ve been keeping my mouth shut holding back the reverse discrimination”

ㅡ FEMINIST” by San E


Moreover, San E stated that the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family should focus on getting rid of groups like WOMAD, which is a site for a radical group that supports misandry and female chauvinism.

“MOGEF stop making vain effort
We need to get rid of misandry
If only for the sake of healthy feminists

ㅡ “FEMINIST” by San E


Touching on the corset-free movement, he claims that deliberately going braless or cutting one’s hair short to be a part of the movement was simply a part of one’s inferiority.

“The corset-free movement these days
I don’t oppose it but
In the end it all goes back to mens’ standards
When did we ever say
[Women] had to be pretty
You get plastic surgery for your own satisfaction
Then childishly go braless not shaving your armpits
And cutting your hair short as if you’re some
Awakened progressive-minded woman
Equality sex?
Nah that’s inferiority man
I like your long hair don’t change
And I am feminist”

ㅡ “FEMINIST” by San E


Finally, he states that he is on the side of women, that he respects all women and hopes for a day when everyone can safely walk around the streets of Gangnam at night, and concludes that he is feminist.

“I’m on the side of women
I don’t detest women
In fact loving them too much is my problem
Including you my mother my older and my younger sister
I give them my full respect”

ㅡ “FEMINIST” by San E