San E Sparks Controversy With New Footage Of Isu Station Assault Incident

“These f***ing feminists are all the same”

Rapper San E has recently shared a video, which he referred to as “new footage of Isu Station case”.


On November 15, the rapper shared a post on his Facebook titled “new footage of Isu Station case” and uploaded a video of what seems to be the site of the Isu Station assault case.


On November 13, the incident in which two women were attacked by four men at a bar near Isu Station quickly grew into a big issue, especially after one of the female victims called for help from Koreans around the nation. The Blue House petition quickly surpassed 200,000 signatures and is now awaiting a response from the government.

2 Women Violently Beaten Up By 4 Korean Men… Because of Their Hairstyle


In the video uploaded by San E, the voices of the two women and a few men can be heard hurling provocative insults at each other.

 “You guys have never dated a girl before, have you? You f***ing retards!” ㅡ Woman


During the video, a man who seems to be an employee of the bar comes up to the two women and asks them to quiet down to which one of the women tells the man to go tell the other party to quiet down.


Another voice, which is assumed to be another customer of the bar, suggests that they call the police. The two women can be heard shouting, “Go head! Go right ahead!” Meanwhile, the men can be heard at the end of the video saying that they would take care of it themselves (there’s no need to call the police).


The video has since sparked controversy among netizens who had conflicting opinions about the situation. Some have expressed that the women seem to have instigated the incident and that the men’s actions were understandable.

  • “Even in the original article, they confusingly stated that it was assault when she actually fell over so I think people are misunderstanding the situation but after seeing this video, I think it’s understandable that the man would push her. It just seems like a really unlucky day…It’s seriously the smartest to go home if something starts to stir up…”
  • “Wow, amazing ㅋㅋ seriously feminists give me the goosebumps. You know how the victims titled their post? ㅋㅋㅋ “I was assaulted because of my short haircut” “I was assaulted to the point where my skull was showing through because I’m feminist”. This is why all the articles, media and online communities referred the case as “violence against weaker and smaller women due to misogyny”. After all of their accusations, we see now that the women said provocative things like “My clit is probably bigger than your 6.9cm penis. You haven’t dated any girls before, have you?” Seriously, assault? Isn’t it too much to say they hit you?”
  • “To be f***ing honest, didn’t they deserve this? They organized the facts to make them look like the victim and didn’t mention what happened before they were injured and how the got into the argument.”
  • “If you’re insulted like this, I would’ve gotten angry too. Violence is wrong but it doesn’t seem like the perpetrator was the only one at fault here.”
  • “I thought you said you were assaulted because of your dam haircut you f***ing c***ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThese f***ing feminists are all the same”


Many others defended the two women, stating that the video was obviously maliciously edited and that the men should not have used force no matter what the circumstance.

  • “If they heard insults, they should’ve responded back with words and not their fist. Also, why do you believe edited videos like this and not believe the words of the victim?”
  • “It’s obvious that this is a maliciously-edited, illegal spycam footage. San E, shouldn’t you know better than to post videos like this?”
  • “Korea’s number one rapper San E”
  • “And San E restores his status as No.1 Korea hip-hop artist”


Meanwhile, some netizens have been criticizing San E for uploading the video at all.

  • “I’m so f***ing ashamed that I actually liked you ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I regret loving your terrible music video in front of the closet and it was such a waste of time defending you every time people attacked you. I’m going to break all the CDs I kept out of attachment as soon as I get home.”
  • “San E seriously doesn’t deserve to be famous. In fact, it’s almost dangerous that he’s famous. What’s wrong with you?”
  • “Are you really sharing a spycam here? What’s wrong with you? Do you plan to try hitting someone too?”


Others have praised San E for having the courage to share a video of such nature.

  • “This is what you call a hip-hop attitude. He takes a topic that everyone’s afraid to even mention and just goes for it. I respect you San E.”
  • “San E has succeeded in canceling feminists with this post. I am forever your fan. I’ll be purchasing your album when it comes out!!”
  • “Korea’s number one rapper San E”
  • “And San E restores his status to Korea’s No.1 hip-hop artist”





Source: Osen