San E Under Fire For Posting Spycam Video, Netizens Submit Blue House Petition

Netizens are split.

Rapper San E is facing harsh criticism from netizens for uploading a video related to the Isu Station assault case.


The Isu Station assault case involved 3 men and 2 women who got into an argument at a pub near Isu Station and ended up assaulting each other.

While the women claim that it was a gender crime, the men claim that the women attacked them first, ripping their clothes.


The women succeeded in winning support from the people, after calling out for help and claiming that they were attacked because of their short haircuts, which made the men assume they were feminists. The Blue House Petition regarding the matter now has 341,490 signatures and is still awaiting a response from the government.

2 Women Violently Beaten Up By 4 Korean Men… Because of Their Hairstyle


Meanwhile, on November 15, rapper San E shared a video on his Facebook, titling it “new footage from Isu Station case”.


The video showed the two women provoking the men with various insulting comments such as “I bet my clit is bigger than your penis” and “You don’t even know what a clit is cause you’ve never dated a girl before, huh?” Many have expressed that the video shed new light onto the Isu Station case. Some have claimed that the video was maliciously edited.

San E Sparks Controversy With New Footage Of Isu Station Assault Incident


Despite the numerous netizens who have been praising the rapper for his bravery, many others have been criticizing San E for causing even more damage to the victims and for sharing what seems to be spycam footage.


A Blue House petition was even filed against him, requesting that he be punished for harming the victims with illegal spycam footage. The petition currently has 22,545 signatures.


San E continues to hold his ground without removing the controversial post and has updated his Twitter with a post that has sparked the curiosity of fans. Some have been guessing that it could be related to his upcoming album.


Meanwhile, the police are still investigating further into the Isu Station case.

Source: Sports Today