Sana Shows Why She’s Really Got Momo’s Back After This Performance, Here’s How

It’s official: Sana is Superwoman.

While ONCEs know that the MiMoSa (Mina, Momo, Sana) bond is strong, Sana did something at a recent performance to show that she really has Momo‘s back!

During a recent performance at Music Bank in Hong Kong, Momo decided to greet ONCEs during the finale…not realizing that she was doing it all by herself!

That’s because the rest of the members were doing the final bow, and couldn’t find Momo in time so they had to bow without her! Poor Momo tries to run to reach the girls in the time but she was too late to catch them before they finished bowing.

So Momo awkwardly bows by herself to the audience as the rest of the girls are waving and moving toward the exit of the stage.

However, Sana sees Momo’s awkward situation and immediately becomes Superwoman! To save Momo any embarrassment, she decides to bow (again!) with her.

Momo totally appreciated the gesture and both girls hug as they leave the stage.

ONCEs immediately commended Sana for her actions about how cute the relationship is between Momo and Sana.

Here are some of our favorite reactions:

Sana definitely looks out for her besties!


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