Sandara Park Says She Wants To Reunite With 2PM And SHINee For Old Times’ Sake… And That She Might Cry If They Do Meet

Reminds us of the good old days of 2nd generation K-Pop!

As the newly initiated hosts for Idol League, Sandara Park and BTOB‘s Seo Eunkwang took some time during the pilot preview to talk to each other about their plans for the show.

Eunkwang asked the beautiful singer for who she wanted to guest on the show the most. In an unexpected twist, instead of naming the current generation idols, Sandara showed her nostalgic side by claiming that she would love to see SHINee and 2PM through the show.

As 2NE1, SHINee and 2PM were all at their height of popularity and activity during the same time, Sandara shared that they were the ones she missed the most. Proving her up-to-date knowledge, Sandara commented that since these teams will all be discharged from the military soon, she hopes to see them make a comeback as a full team. Sandara revealed that the moment in which she meets them may be so touching that she would cry!

This is not the first fans are hearing of how much Sandara values her co-workers. It is a widely known fact that Sandara is particularly close friends with 2PM’s Wooyoung.

Eunkwang shared that he can relate to her woes as after he was discharged from the military and begun solo activities, he felt the idols that promoted during the same time as BTOB would always cheer him on whenever they met coincidentally at work. Even if it was an idol he was not close to, their sincerity made him feel a sense of camaraderie between colleagues.

Here’s to hoping that their fellow generation idols will reunite with them on the show!

Source: Newsen
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