Sandara Park Dishes On Her Cyber Love Life And How The No-Dating Rule As An Idol Affected Her

“I’ve been in cyber relationships even before COVID-19.” — Sandara Park

On a recent episode of KBS Joy’s Love Naggers, Sandara Park dished about her cyber love life and her plans going forward regarding love and relationships.

What particularly gained attention was the revelation that she has been cyber dating since even before COVID-19.

I cyber dated even before COVID-19. I wouldn’t meet my boyfriends face-to-face, and they had a hard time because of it. So I’d like to apologize to them right now.

— Sandara Park

Sandara Park confessed that she had a particular mindset about dating ever since she was a trainee and a member of 2NE1 which came with the infamous no-dating rule.

If you got caught dating as trainees, they’d steal your phone away. Even after debuting, there was a no-dating rule for 5 years.

— Sandara Park

But the most surprising part is the fact that while Sandara abided by the rule, no one else did.

It turns out, I was the only one not dating. They told me not to, so I didn’t.

— Sandara Park


Although this rule no longer applies to Sandara Park, she has only been cyber dating without physical contact up until recently.

But that might all change now because Sandara Park announced on the show that she’s ready to start dating for real.

I only recently made the decision to start actively dating. It turns out, the will to do so was all I needed.

— Sandara Park

Here’s wishing Sandara Park finds the love life she’s looking for!

Because she deserves it.

Source: Dispatch


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