Sandara Park Exposes The Health Disorders She Experienced Because Of 2NE1’s Disbandment

“I was trying to enjoy life, but…”

While the former members of 2NE1 often meet up and even reunited at Coachella, the sudden way the legendary YG Entertainment girl group disbanded left a lasting impression on them.

In addition to “crying for hours,” Sandara opened up about the mental health disorders caused by the sad moment in their lives.

Sandara Park

Initially, Sandara wasn’t as overcome by the sudden news. She said, “Though I’m quiet and shy, I didn’t get depressed or anything after we disbanded.” The tide quickly turned.

Despite her optimism to move on, the group’s disbandment caused the singer to experience two mental health disorders. Holding back tears, Sandara revealed, “I was trying to enjoy life, but I did get insomnia and social phobia after we disbanded back then.

Sandara was then given a bit of closure on those feelings by hastily preparing for 2NE1’s last song together.

I can’t remember if it was YG or CL, but I was told to record a song as 2NE1. At that time, I was so grateful that I was on my knees saying, ‘Thank you. Thank you.’

— Sandara Park

Since the disbandment news was so sudden and tore her apart from the group she spent over seven years with, it’s understandable why Sandara was so affected.