This Is Sandara Park’s Advice If You’re Learning A New Language

Dara speaks 5 languages, so you know she knows what she’s talking about.

Sandara Park conveyed her own thoughts on learning a new language on the latest episode of Cart Show. 


The 2NE1 member, actress and entertainer is can speak 5 languages including Korean, English, Filipino, Tagalog, and Japanese.


In the episode, they met a Korean guest who picked up a new language whilst living in Vietnam. Something that Sandara Park was able to relate with… 


Even giving advice on how learn a foreign language herself…

“ I immigrated to the Philippines when I was a child. To get the language quickly, you need to have a lot of love.” -Sandara Park 


She moved to the Philippines at such a young age and live there for more than ten years.


She also studied in the country, hence, why she was so fluent in the language. 

Sandara Reveals What Life Is Really Like In The Philippines


Something new from Sandara Park herself, right? 


Source: MBN TV