Sandara Park Confesses She Began Dieting After Gaining 15-17 Pounds

She’s beautiful either way!

Sandara Park recently shared a few photos onto her Instagram page of herself eating a banana, which has been making headlines. While this may be a series of adorable photos to some, the real reason behind these photos have been unearthed through her caption.

Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

With a sad expression, the former 2NE1 member shared her real feelings with the post’s caption,

| @daraxxi/Instagram

Bananas are yummy~ trying to fill my stomach before I go into filming. Ramen…chicken…ddukbokkichapaghetti…I want to eat it all.

— @daraxxi/Instagram

Singer Younha left a comment under Sandara Park’s post, which said “why are you dieting.” The former girl group member responded that “I’m gaining weight now. Every food is too delicious.”

Sandara Park has been known for many things, such as her visuals, her singing and her funky 2NE1 hairstyles. However, the former idol member also became known for being a skinny icon within the K-Pop industry, as it had been shared before time and time again about her inability to gain weight.

Prior to alleged weight gain | W Korea

On a previous episode of KBS2‘s Problem Child in the House, Sandara Park reminisced about the days back when she would be able to maintain a natural weight of 38-39 kg (84-86 lbs) without any dieting. She shared with the show’s viewers that she had always been able to maintain a “consistent size 33 (U.S. women’s XXS) in all of her clothes.” Her skinny physique was formerly a concern of hers, as she revealed that she once “wished to gain weight.” 

However, she later revealed on the show that after hanging out with comedians Kim Sook and Park Na Rae, both of whom love to eat, she naturally gained 7-8 kg (15-17 lbs.) Following her weight gain confession on Problem Child in the House, Sandara Park also shared that for the first time in her life, she began paying for a gym membership so that she can focus on losing the weight.

Photo after alleged weight gain | @daraxxi/Instagram

Oh Sandara, we all think you look beautiful with or without the weight gain!

In related news, Sandara Park previously made headlines a few weeks ago when it was reported that she would be leaving YG Entertainment after 17 years with the label. No further updates have been revealed regarding her future promotional activities since the news.

Source: Insight