Sandara Park And Eun Jiwon Give Off Majorly Flirty Vibes On “Video Star”

They went on a date after Sandara Park’s 24-year-long crush on Eun Jiwon.

Singer and entertainer, Sandara Park and rapper and first-generation idol, Eun Jiwon just gave off majorly flirty vibes on MBC‘s Video Star that got everybody talking.

Host Park Na Rae introduced the segment as Eun Jiwon having gone on a date with someone who had a crush on him for 24 years.

And that turned out to be none other than Sandara Park.

The show then revealed clips of their date, consisting of spicy rice cakes and a romantic stroll under the rain.

And while Eun Jiwon confessed that the clips made his heart flutter once more, Sandara Park revealed that she even made moves after the date!

I liked him even more after seeing him that day. So I made a move by gifting him with a game console. But we didn’t really keep in touch after that.

— Sandara Park

But according to Eun Jiwon, his feelings for Sandara Park were only positive.

I’m a little embarrassed, and I feel cautious around Dara. I don’t want to make any mistakes.

— Eun Jiwon

Meanwhile, Sandara Park assured Eun Jiwon that she wants him to make mistakes.

I want to see your true side.

— Sandara Park

It would be an understatement to say sparks were flying in the studio.

And fans can’t help but hope that their relationship progresses to something more.

Watch the full heart-fluttering clip below:

Source: Insight