Sandara Park’s Fans Keep Asking Her Friend To Make Sandara And G-Dragon’s Marriage Happen

They haven’t given up on the GDxDara ship!

Sandara Park invited her close friend and brand strategist, No Hee Kyung to Video Star, where the latter dished on some of the conversations she has with Dara’s fans!

Sandara introduced her as someone so close to her that her fans even call her, “Sandara’s Mom”! Dara explained, “She’s known as ‘Sandara’s Mom’ among my fans. She gets as much DMs and comments as I do.

Curious as to what kind of conversations she may have with the fans, the hosts asked what is a popular topic about Dara. No Hee Kyung was at first timid about revealing the sensitive topic…

But she confessed that Sandara’s fans keep asking her to set up Sandara with G-Dragon so that they’d get hitched!

I’m probably going to get scolded if I say this but… They tell me to get Sandara to marry G-Dragon.

— No Hee Kyung

The whole cast was surprised, while Sandara simply laughed. No Hee Kyung explained, “When I get those messages, I honestly don’t know how to reply.

The G-Dragon X Dara ship has been sailing strong for nearly a decade. As they’re well known to be close friends since their trainee days in YG Entertainment, they’ve shown off their special bond more than once over the years.

Will these two super visual star powered friends ever get together and fulfill these fans’ wishes? Only time will tell!

Source: My Daily