Sandara Park Tells Filipinos To Never Be Ashamed Of Their Accent While Speaking English

She used to be so embarrassed by her accent.

As any BLACKJACK should know, Sandara Park grew up in the Phillippines. Since she learned English from the schools there, she revealed that she has an accent when speaking English.


During Video Star, she confessed that she can’t speak English in the “native accent”. She went on to reveal that she used to be very embarrassed by her Phillippine English!

Just to let you know, I don’t speak English in the native accent because I grew up in the Phillippines. The Phillippines has an accent. I used to be very embarrassed by my accent.

— Sandara Park


But she was able to quickly realize that her accent wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about! There are so many different accents to the English language and many people consider the Phillippine English really cool!

But after going on world tours, I was able to overcome it. People told me, ‘I think your accent is really cool.’

— Sandara Park


She shot her hand up in the air as she declared that “everyone should be proud” of their accents!


And the Queen speaks the truth! Take a listen to Sandara’s amazing English skills!

Source: My Daily