Sandara Park Recalls Getting Ridiculed By A Particular Girl Group For Her “Vegeta” Hair

Sandara’s 2NE1 hairstyles caused her a great deal of pain.

On a recent episode of KBS‘s Problem Child in House, Sandara Park talked about the outrageous hairstyles she flaunted during her time in 2NE1.

In particular, Sandara Park brought up the infamous “palm tree” hairstyle and why it caused her so much pain.

You’d think there’s some kind of apparatus, but it’s 100% strength. You have to pull it back hard and tie it up with an elastic. I had such a bad headache that I cried on stage. I needed to take pain killers.

— Sandara Park

But according to Sandara, that was nothing compared to the “Vegeta” hairstyle she flaunted for I Am The Best.

The reason being, her lack of confidence about it.

I was full of confidence with all the other hairstyles, but I couldn’t get out of the car with that one. It required gel, mousse, and spray. It took 2 to 3 hours just to wash it out.

— Sandara Park

She even added that she was particularly hurt by it when a girl group laughed at her.

I went to a broadcasting station with my Vegeta hair, and when a particular girl group laughed at me, I felt hurt. My fellow members said I looked okay, so I got out. But as soon as I did, they went, ‘Pfft.’

— Sandara Park

On the other hand, male colleagues liked her hair.

The guys thought my Vegeta hair looked cool.

— Sandara Park

All the opinions aside, the fact that Sandara managed to pull off such hairstyles says a lot about her versatility.

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The hair was a little crazy, but she looked fabulous.

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