Sandara Park Reveals Why She Thinks YG Entertainment Disbanded 2NE1 And Her Desire For The Group’s Reunification

“We promoted for seven years, but only have two full albums.”

2NE1 member and K-Pop icon, Sandara Park, spoke about her former label, YG Entertainment.

Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

| @daraxxi/Instagram

On the September 14 episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, the idol spoke about her time with YG Entertainment and how she almost didn’t make the group.

2NE1 was originally a three-member group. I thought I wasn’t going to make the team, so I cried, went to the practice room, and drank a whole bottle of soju, even though I couldn’t drink. Soon after, Teddy oppa asked for me to record, and I miraculously joined the group.

— Sandara Park

The idol also revealed what she thought was the reason why 2NE1 was disbanded, stating she found out about the disbandment through the press.

When we disbanded, I thought the sky was falling. The situation was bad, so I guess the label thought it would be difficult for us to promote. We promoted for seven years, but we had only two full albums.

— Sandara Park 

Sandara Park did not hesitate when she was asked if she’d like for 2NE1 to reunite. The idol stated how much she wanted it to happen.

Reuniting is still my dream. I have faith that there will come a time when everyone will want it.

— Sandara Park

2NE1 debuted in 2009 and officially disbanded in 2016. The group consisting of members Park Bom, Sandara Park, CL, and Minzy is best remembered for their hit songs such as “Fire” and “I Am The Best.” Speculation about the group’s reunification grew rampant when the group appeared together to perform at the  2022 Coachella Music Festival. Check out the group’s performance at the recent festival in the link below.

Source: Chosun