Sandara Park Sends A Special Video Message To Blackjacks In Celebration Of 2NE1’s 10th Anniversary

Make sure you grab a box of tissues before you listen to what she said.

In recent months, speculation about a possible reunion of one of the world’s most beloved girl groups, 2NE1, have been circulating online. Speculations increased, in part, due to the fact that member Park Bom had returned to the music industry around the same time of 2NE1’s 10th Anniversary.

Teaser image for Park Bom’s May 2 single “4:44” featuring MAMAMOO’s Wheein

Unfortunately for those hopeful Blackjacks, last month Sandara Park confirmed that 2NE1 would not be reuniting for their 10th Anniversary nor any time soon for that matter.

Sandara Park on Possible 2NE1 Reunion: “Maybe Not Now”

Dedicated Blackjacks, however, were not going to let that stop them from celebrating. On May 11, Sandara Park fan account @WeLoveDara (Twitter) hosted “To Anyone: A Thanksgiving Party” in the Philippines to both celebrate 2NE1’s 10th Anniversary and give Blackjacks a place to get together and meet new fellow Blackjacks.

Some decorations from the event held in the Philippines – a place that Dara holds close to her heart

Sandara Park herself sent in a video message to the Blackjacks in attendance at the event.

2NE1 was a group that connected to fans all around the world in a way that transcended music. The determination and dedication from these fans who organized and hosted their own celebration of 2NE1’s legacy is proof of that.

The 2NE1 members have all been pretty active lately: Park Bom released two single albums, Dara has taken various MC positions, CL has reportedly returned to Korea to work on music that will be coming “soon”, and Minzy has been very busy with her dance company. While 2NE1 might not be reuniting any time soon, we wish each of the members continued success in each of their solo activities.


Source: @WeLoveDara